Meetings & Conferences

Do you need assistance with organising a meeting or a conference in Malta? We can help, whether you are a local or foreign enterprise wanting to organise a meeting group or a conference in Malta or Gozo. Use your time and effort on ideas instead of practicalities when you are planning to bring heads together to discuss a collaboration, brainstorm new ideas or give a presentation. Get on with your business while we handle the organisation of meetings on your behalf. 

What our meetings and conferences organiser can do for you

We are experienced, professional meetings and conferences organisers who can provide everything required for a smooth and successful meeting, also thanks to our vast network of professional collaborators. At Traveltrade, we can:

  • Help you select the ideal venue for your type of meeting or conference.
  • Suggest a seating arrangement to best suit your requirements.
  • Provide any necessary equipment.
  • Coordinate catering and staff.
  • Contact and confirm attendees.


The venue you choose for your meeting or conference will largely depend on the theme and purpose of your event and the mood you want to create. You may opt for a highly purposed syndicate room in a five star hotel, the dining room of a historic Maltese palazzo or the luxurious yet informal comfort of a large yacht, among others. We know about every option available in Malta and Gozo, so speak to us about your needs and allow us to make suggestions.


Seating is an important consideration to make when deciding what bests fits your objective. Furthermore, seating options will vary from venue to venue and, in fact, your seating requirements will affect your venue choices. For example, Square, Hollow Square, Round and Conference style seating are most suitable for discussions and brainstorming sessions and easily achieved in various settings. The U-shape, Theatre, Chevron and Classroom seating arrangements are better suited for lectures and presentations. Your designated meetings/ conference organiser will guide you.


We rent and set up projectors, whiteboards, microphones … anything you may need, really. As your meetings or conference coordinator, we take care of every detail to ensure everything about the meeting runs optimally. Once we have discussed the scope of your event, we will help you identify the tools that will support your objective and then allow us to organise it all accordingly.


Water at the table and tea, coffee and biscuits during a break? A five-course lunch event? Whatever you choose to go for, we handle the catering on your behalf, from food and drinks selection to staffing. You can get as involved with food choices as you wish or allow us to coordinate it all. 

Secretarial Services

People who work in business are busy people and it can be very time-consuming to reach them and confirm their attendance at the meeting. As meetings organisers, we include such secretarial services to sweeten the deal. All you do is supply names, contact details and your availability, we coordinate between your meeting group and you just show up at the venue on the selected day and time. Easy, no?

Still uncertain whether to hire a meetings coordinator for your meeting group in Malta or to handle it all yourself? Traveltrade Incentives is a destination management company (DMC) that specialises in meetings, incentives, conferences and events groups in the Maltese Islands. If you are looking for the most straightforward and efficient way to organise a meeting in Malta or Gozo, get in touch