Our Team

When the game is good, you know that it is because a team works well together. Traveltrade is where a great team of individuals who share the same passion for the business have grown its success together for years, with a few more recent additions. It is where a group of professionals contribute their collective skills to stay ahead in the MICE and leisure travel industry in Malta. It is also where an extended family comes together in a casual setting to stimulate creative ideas. They laugh together and they work hard to keep going from strength to strength through passion and know-how, since 1986.

Jeannette Gatt Ancilleri, Managing Director – Meetings, Incentives, Events

Jeannette is known to be direct and practical with a sense of humour. She is the owner and Managing Director for Meetings and Incentives at Traveltrade, where she has been working for twenty-five years. She still enjoys her work because there is always something new to learn. Her other passions are tennis and yoga, which probably explains while she loves green food. Nonetheless, Jeannette brings an incredibly varied skillset to the table, as well as oodles of creativity.

Claudine Ancilleri, Managing Director – Tour Operating, Leisure groups

Her friends say she’s bossy and that she always gets what she wants, but she prefers to see herself as merely determined. It is certainly determination that drove Claudine to finish the New York Marathon months after giving birth and keep her father’s company successful at a young age, while raising two children and five dogs. The owner and Managing Director for tour operating and leisure groups at Traveltrade has held her post for twenty years. She loves the fact that each day presents new challenges as she is not a big fan of routine. She has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys trekking, running and cycling. When she is not working you will also find her practising yoga and eating clean vegan meals. She’s a dreamer who believes that each morning brings with it the excitement of a new day ready to unfold.

Katja Levato, Director of Business Development

A true Sagittarius, Katja is optimistic, enthusiastic and loves change. She is also self-confessed loud and stubborn, but compassionate. Probably useful traits, since she is a working mum of twin boys. Katja gets her energy from medium-rare rib eye and spends it also on tennis and travel. With over 14 years of travelling the globe to contract hotels and develop business under her sleeve, Katja is the newest addition to the Traveltrade team as Director of Business Development. She is happy to have settled here because she absolutely loves the company’s work ethos.

Louise Sammut, Sales & Marketing Executive – Tour Operating, Groups, FITs

Organised Louise feels like a right fit of the puzzle at Traveltrade, where she has been working for twenty-six years. She loves working there because of the strong team spirit and she knows the company inside out because she has worked in every department. When her present designation in Sales and Marketing is not keeping her busy as a bee, she enjoys relaxing with her cats, some delicious Italian food and a good movie. She also enjoys bowling and travel with a special interest in history.

Pauline Debono, Reservations Coordinator – Tour Operating, Groups, FITs

Handling all reservations and requests is Pauline, whose patience, attention to detail, efficiency and speed ensure that everything is in place for Traveltrade clients. The friendly environment at work has kept Pauline at her job for twenty-four years. She is proud to have found her personal happiness too and celebrates with sashimi and possibly a pair of pink high-heeled shoes. Pauline enjoys fashion and old Italian movies and takes to drawing when she is feeling creative.

Kevin Avellino, Financial Controller

Kevin, who has recently taken over the role of Financial Controller within the organisation, is an individual who is open to new experiences. The informal environment and the flexibility present at Traveltrade helps Kevin in maintaining a healthy working relationship with his team mates. One of his greatest achievements is that of managing to have created his own accounting practice.

When not managing our finances, Kevin keeps himself busy with football, growing flowers and train layouts.

Terry Camilleri, Accounts Team

Terry has a calm disposition, which works well since he referees snooker at top level, happily follows a gluten free diet and deals with only women all day at the office. In fact, as part of the Accounts Team at Traveltrade for twenty-one years, Terry particularly enjoys the good, long relationship he has with his colleagues and the owners of the company. In general, he likes to keep busy and particularly enjoys anything to do with snooker, football and cars.

Karolina Kukurikasova, Accounts & Administration Support

Karolina is someone you can rely on as she has a very strong sense of responsibility. That means she gets all the numbers right at the Accounts Department and pays attention to detail in Administration, where she has been giving support for two years. She really enjoys the atmosphere at the Traveltrade workplace, particularly the friendly and helpful relations between staff members at all levels. Being part of the company is proving to be self-actualising and fulfilling for Karolina, although she also loves to travel and explore different cultures and cuisines. She loves Mediterranean food and has a flair for Latin American dance.

Roswitha Sammut, Resort Representative

Roswitha is self-motivated, honest and sometimes a little stubborn. Each of these traits, however, has been useful in her role as a Resort Representative at Traveltrade, where she has been working for two years. She particularly enjoys the independent work organisation while being part of a team of professional and supportive individuals and loves the positive atmosphere at Traveltrade. Roswitha enjoys travel, sports, music, reading and writing in her free time, when she is not at work or tending to her family. Fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes keep her belly happiest.

Fiona Aquilina, Transport Coordinator

Fiona is friendly, kind hearted and a good listener. This makes her a natural and fitting addition to the team at Traveltrade, where she loves the friendly environment and great teamwork. For four years, Fiona has been handling all the transport requirements at Traveltrade, such as airport transfers, taxis, minivans, coaches, rental cars and so on. Cars are actually one of her passions, along with crafts and reading. She also loves to eat fish.

Melanie Psaila, Operations

Melanie feels that working in tourism has helped overcome her shy nature to become more outgoing. She enjoys being part of the team at Traveltrade, which she recently joined. She also appreciates the flexible working conditions whereby she sometimes works from home at odd hours because of her family. Melanie enjoys helping out and hates saying no, but one thing she would say a big yes to is travelling constantly. She always says yes to chocolate.